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About the Native Hawaiian Data Portal

The purpose of the Native Hawaiian Data Portal is to facilitate access to data on Native Hawaiian well-being. Research and data for, by, and about Native Hawaiians are critical to inform strategic, programmatic, policy, and resourcing decisions that align with breaking the cycle of poverty, improving well-being through education, and ultimately furthering an abundant Native Hawaiian lāhui. Building from the Native Hawaiian Education Councilʻs Data Systems Mapping Project (see reference below), this portal provides links to datasets and reports that align to seven Native Hawaiian well-being dimensions.

In the data reported you will clearly see that, as a group, Native Hawaiians are much less likely to be thriving than are Whites and Euro-Americans. While individual agency and responsibility for our choices are important, it is also important to note that the effects of historical trauma linked to legacies of colonization, imperialism, and dispossession of land are important parts of the context in which these choices are made.1 This legacy of historical injustice is amplified in the present by limited access to culturally-based education, social services, and medical and mental health care, etc. and by contemporary racialized structures of inequality.

Similar to other disenfranchised peoples, the higher rates of violence cannot be divorced from oppressive external conditions such as colonialization, racialized systems and structures, and economic stress. Known community and societal risk factors for poor outcomes on virtually all the indicators reported here include poverty, low social capital, weak community sanctions, income inequality, and weak health, educational, economic, and social policies and laws. These disproportionately affect Native Hawaiians.

Project Team

The Native Hawaiian Data Portal is a cross-organization collaborative effort among Liliuʻokalani Trust, Kamehameha Schools, and The Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Feedback Welcome

We are seeking feedback on the design, organization, and navigation of this portal and additional data sources. To provide feedback and report issues, please click here. You can track outstanding issues here.


Native Hawaiian Education Council. (2018). Native Hawaiian Education Data Systems Mapping Project (Rep.). Honolulu: HI: Native Hawaiian Education Council.