Hawaii State Department of Education Data Systems (HIDOE)

HIDOE collects data with two goals in mind: 1) To provide an evolving snapshot of the academic and social health of the public education system, and 2) To create real-time feedback for teachers and administrators to help them regularly assess student performance, and create learning interventions when and where students need them. To that end, a variety of data are collected across 12 independent data systems: (1) Electronic Student Information System (eSIS), (2) Electronic Comprehensive Student Support System (eCSSS), (3) Accountability System, (4) SMS Food Services, (5) Human Resources System (eHR), (6) PDE3, (7) Transportation, (8) Facilities, (9) Financial Management, (10) Curriculum Development & Learning Management System, (11) Migrant, and (12) Longitudinal Data System (LDS).

There is limited information about the types of data collected within each data system. The identification of data elements collected within the HIDOE data systems are guided by a series of reports produced by the Department, including (1) school reports, (2) state reports, and (3) Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)7 Family Reports. See Documentation for detail.

Data and Resources

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