Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

The IPEDS, established as the core postsecondary education data collection program for NCES, is a system of surveys designed to collect data from all primary providers of postsecondary education. For IPEDS, a postsecondary institution is defined as an organization open to the public that has as its primary mission the provision of postsecondary education (defined as formal instructional programs with a curriculum designed primarily for students who are beyond the compulsory age for high school). The IPEDS system is built around a series of interrelated surveys designed to collect institution-level data in such areas as enrollment, program completion, faculty, staff, and finances. IPEDS surveys postsecondary institutions, including universities and colleges, as well as institutions offering technical and vocational education beyond the high school level. All institutions that participate in any federal student financial assistance program authorized by Title IV must submit data to IPEDS.

Data and Resources

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