ED School Climate Survey (EDSCLS) Benchmark Study

The EDSCLS benchmark study will collect data from a nationally representative sample of schools across the United States to create a national comparison point for users of the ED School Climate Surveys. The benchmark study is the only nationally representative federal study to collect information on multiple aspects of school climate and from multiple stakeholders—students in grades 5-12, instructional and non-instructional staff in their schools. The data from the national benchmark study will be used to create national school climate scale scores. The EDSCLS can be used to produce school-, district-, and state-level scores on various indicators of school climate from the perspectives of students, teachers, non-instructional school staff and principals, and parents and guardians. For more details about the EDSCLS platform, please visit: http://safesupportivelearning.ed.gov/edscls. The first round of data collection was conducted in 2016-2017 academic school year.

Data and Resources

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Field Value
Source https://nces.ed.gov/surveys/edscls/index.asp
Maintainer U.S. Department of Education (ED)/National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)
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