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  • ea


    Data on self-determination on individual-, ʻohana- (family), kaiāulu- (community) and lāhui-(nation) levels. This...

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  • kumu-waiwai

    Kumu Waiwai

    Data on material and economic self-sufficiency. Native Hawaiian wellbeing from the lens of kumu waiwai encompasses...

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  • na-au-ke-akua-mana

    Naʻau a me Ke Akua Mana

    Data on emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. This lens of Native Hawaiian wellbeing aims to quantify and...

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  • ola-kino

    Ola Kino

    Data on physical wellbeing. Native Hawaiian health originates from a harmonious relationship between one’s naʻau...

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  • imi-ike

    ʻImi ʻIke

    Data on educational wellbeing. Diverse educational opportunities ranging from traditional to contemporary schooling...

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  • hale-ohana-pilina

    ʻOhana a me Pilina

    Data on individual, family, and community connections to people, place, and culture. Social and cultural wellbeing...

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  • aina-momona

    ʻĀina Momona

    Data on the health of the land. This lens highlights the reciprocal nature of wellbeing between ʻāina (that which...

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